Uber and Lyft Lawsuit Loans

Were you injured in an Uber or Lyft accident? Reach out to our pre-settlement funding company to get a risk-free loan based on the value of your personal injury claim rather than a credit score. Lawsuit loans help Uber riders, pedestrians, and passengers get back on track before the case is settled. Pre-settlement funding for Uber lawsuits provides victims with cash to pay their bills and living expenses while waiting on the money they're entitled to get from a settled insurance claim.

Victims of car accidents are eligible to borrow $500 - $100,000. In many cases, we fund claims in as little as 24 hours. Your attorney will pay back the loan when the insurance company compensates you for the pain and suffering you have sustained because of the negligent driver.



Lyft and Uber Car Accidents

Uber and Lyft are both ridesharing companies that operate in many cities throughout the United States.

How the ridesharing business works is a user download the company's app on his / her smartphone and submits a request for a trip which is then redirected to the driver in nearby vicinity.

Drivers of ridesharing vehicle such as Uber and Lyft are considered independent drivers. They typically use their own car to transport riders to and from their destinations.

When someone suffers personal injury due to the careless driving by an Uber or Lyft driver, the injured person is entitled to monetary compensation from the responsible party. In addition to suing the driver, in many cases, the registered owner of the vehicle can also be held liable for injuries to third parties.

No Credit Check

Reputable lawsuit lenders do not look at your credit score or history.

Risk-Free Legal Loans

The cash from a lawsuit loan is no-risk to the borrower

Easy Cash Advances

Take out lawsuit cash advance from $500 - $100,000

Accident Loan Fast

You can get a fast accident loan in as little as 24 hours.

Qualifying for Pre-Settlement Funding

Car accident pre settlement funding can help you keep your head above water before settlement of your auto accident lawsuit, but you first have to qualify for one. Fortunately, the qualifications are determined by the facts of the accident case rather than the borrower’s credit history.

Here are the five basic requirements of getting pre-settlement funding:

  1. You are at least 18 years old
  2. You live in the United States
  3. You were injured in a wreck or are involved in a wrongful death lawsuit
  4. You have an accident lawyer
  5. You are eligible to receive and personal injury settlement

If you meet the 5 underwriting standards, you qualify for a free pre settlement loan review by one of our legal funding specialist right now. Just fill out the application and we can reach out to you.


Risk-Free Cash Advances

An Uber accident loan is a cash advance against a future settlement from the lawsuit that's pending. As such, the client is borrowing cash from the proceeds of possible settlement; therefore, should you fail to win a settlement, you are not obligated to pay back the funds advanced to you.

As a borrower, you are not "selling away" or "selling off" your personal injury lawsuit to the funding company.

Rather, the funder advances you lawsuit cash in return you promise to repay the advance with fee (interest) when the insurance company or defendant compensates your for injury.

Why Clients Turn to Insurance Claim Loan

If serious injuries have left you in need of financial assistance after a rideshare collision, Insurance Claim Loan can help to alleviate the financial pressure on your shoulders by advancing your fund right from your auto accident.

  • Money to your pay the rent
  • Funds for your surgery costs
  • Finance your living expenses
  • Cash to relieve the financial pressure to settle early
  • Money to cover your mortgage
  • and more


How to Receive Funds

Ready to begin the funding process and receive an accident loan? Clients can contact us directly for the funds from their Uber accident.

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Begin the process by completing an application online or by phone.

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A loan underwriter will contact your attorney for some information about the claim.



The money is sent directly to you by express mail, wire transfer, or bank deposit.


If an Uber vehicle struck & killed a relative as a pedestrian, you can get a settlement loan on the wrongful death lawsuit.

Taxi accident lawsuits

Were you injured in a taxi acciden? If you’re entitled to get money from a lawsuit, you can take out a settlement loan.

passenger injury

Pre-settlement funding helps passengers injured in ridesharing vehicles by providing them with cash during their lawsuit.


Lawsuits can take a long time. Pre-settlement funding get you cash to alleviate the financial strain until they settle.

rear-end collisions

Were you in a rear end crash? If you were the driver or rider of a car that hit in the back, you should reach out to us for funds.


If the driver of the hit and run vehicle fled the scene of the accident, you may still be able to get money. Call us for lawsuit loan.