Who We Are

Organized in the latter part of 2012, our claim funding company was established to support the financial needs of personal injury victims who were battling with the insurance company to recover sufficient monetary compensation for injuries caused by negligent third-parties.

Our team is comprised of industry professionals from the financial, insurance, and legal business sectors.

Because of the firm's diverse professional background, we believe that our business in an excellent position to deliver the best pre & post settlement funding experience our customers deserve.

If you're involved in a personal injury or workers compensation claim and need financial assistance during your case, you can turn to Insurance Claim Loan for an advance on the money you are expecting to get from the settlement of your case.

What Motivates Us

We recognized early the imbalances that exist within the legal system. We know that personal injury and accident victims are often at a significant disadvantage when going up against the insurance company. Rather than them paying legitimate claims fairly and promptly, they often delay and deny compensation to victims without reasonable justification.

An unreasonable delay can have devastating effects to clients who are seriously injured and unable to work. We understood the struggles many of them experience while the insurance claim adjuster is dragging his or her feet. Our motive is to level the playing field, so plaintiffs can have fighting chance to recover all the money they're entitled by equipping them with the financial tools necessary to accomplish this task.

What We Do

We have expanded the types of financial services we offer to best address the needs of our customers. Our firm is now proud to provide a wide variety of pre & post settlement funding products catered to personal injury plaintiffs (including those involved in wrongful death cases), workplace accident claimants, and victims seriously injured in an accident.

Do you have an attorney? Are you entitled to receive monetary compensation from an injury or a wrongful death settlement? Contact Insurance Claim Loan to find out if we can help you to get cash advance.