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Is there a check?

No. There is no credit check. Whether or not you qualify and the amount of the settlement loan is dependent upon our evaluation and assessment of you insurance claim.

Do I have to pay anything up front?

No. You do not pay any up front fees. Zero out of pocket cost. You pay nothing up front.

Are you a bank?

We are not a bank. We are a settlement funding company. We provide non-recourse cash advances on pending settlements. You pay back the settlement advance if and when you win or settle your case or the claim is paid. If you do not win or settle your case or if the claim is not paid, you do not have to pay back the cash advance insurance settlement.

Who much can I borrow?

After we review your insurance claim, we can tell you exactly how much money you qualify for. We have made settlement advance from $500 to $200,000.

What happens if I lose my case?

NOTHING HAPPENS. You keep the insurance claim funding, and owe nothing. You do not owe a red cent if you lose your case or if it does not settle.

How is the cash advance repaid?

The cash advance on your insurance settlement is paid back from the proceeds of the settled case or when the claim is paid. It is paid at the same time that the proceeds of the case are disbursed by your attorney.

Do you contact the insurance company?

Absolutely Not! We do not contact the insurance company. We do not get involved in the claim or lawsuit process. We never interfere in the handling of the claim whatsoever. You and your attorney manage, control, and direct your case.

Will this appear on my credit report?

No. We do not perform a credit check so the information will Not appear on your credit report. Lawsuit funding is not a bank loan. We are not extending you credit and this transaction does not appear on your credit report. We are only concerned with your claim and financial needs, not your credit score or credit history.

How long does it take?

24 hours or sooner. We have the fastest approval time in the setting funding industry. You will generally have your funds in 24 hours from receipt of the required information. With full cooperation from your law firm, it is possible to get you the insurance settlement cash advance the same day the application is submitted. The bottom line is that we process and approve cases faster than any other claim funding company in the U.S. Call us now to see for yourself.

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