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Loan Against Insurance Settlement

Insurance Claim Loan is a national pre-settlement funding company offering settlement loans solutions to accident victims.

Insurance claims and lawsuit settlements can take a long time to settle and come to a final conclusion. We also understand the many difficulties and hardships accident victims just like you often experience during the long and stressful wait.

Don't let money problems or a financial emergency force you into settling your insurance claim before the time is right! Get all the money you deserve from your lawsuit settlement. A loan from your insurance claim can give you financial empowerment to keep fighting the insurance company for all the money you are entitled to for your pain and suffering!

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Insurance Settlement Loans

Settlement loans have saved thousands of injured accident victims all across the U.S. A settlement loans on your insurance claim put Fast Cash in your hands Now, before your win or settle your case.

If you have been hurt in an accident, have a lawyer representing you in a pending claim or for a settled lawsuit, and you need money today while your are waiting for the money from your settlement then fill-out the online application to get cash for lawsuit settlements in about 24 hours.

Getting a fair insurance settlement from the insurance company can take a long time. During this lengthy period, many accident victims often experience money problems and financial hardships. Insurance settlements loans have helped thousands of innocent and injured accident all across the United States.

Getting approved for a loan against your insurance settlement is easy. There is No Credit Check, No Out of Pocket Fees, and No Income Requirement.

Once approved, you can use the settlement loan for anything your need, such as your car payment, phone bill, rent, insurance, mortgage, utility bills, medical treatment, or anything you need.

At Insurance Claims Loan, we provide fast loan from insurance settlements. Once we get the signed settlement advance funding agreement, the cash advance is sent to you by overnight mail or electronic bank transfer.

A settlement loan from your insurance settlement is an investment in your pending claim. There are No Monthly Payment while your case is pending. The insurance claims funding is paid back once you have won your claim and collected the money from the insurance company or defendant.

Claims funding is No Risk to you. To get started, all you have to do is fill-out the online application. We will process the application then call you regarding getting you an advance on your settlement.