No Credit Check

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We are not focused on your credit score. The facts surrounding your injury claim and the proceed you can recover from it will determine your eligibility.

Funds in 24 Hours

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Our company has a quick settlement funding process. We know you have pressing financial needs and that’s why we strive to give settlement loans fast.

Easy Lending to Borrowers

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Pre-settlement financing of your injury claim is a relatively easy process. You simply apply online for the funds needed and then we call with your lawyer.

Insurance Claim Loan supports personal injury and workplace victims by providing them with personal injury lawsuit funding and workers comp loans or cash advances before the insurance company settles their claim. Our settlement loan company strives to help victims like you make it on your feet while waiting for an expected insurance payout.


Fast application. Fast process. Fast loan to you.
Apply now. You could have a decision the next business day.

Receiving a claim loan is simple:

Injury Claim Loans.png  No fees upfront

Injury Claim Loans.png  No income requirements

Injury Claim Loans.png  No monthly payments

Injury Claim Loans.png  No long forms to complete

Insurance Claim Loan Requirements

Learn how to qualify for a settlement loan. Insurance claim loan make it easy to determine whether your case is eligible.


Here are the 4 requirements you'll need to qualify:

Minimum Age

The personal injury lawsuit plaintiff or accident victim must be 18 years old or older to qualify.


Borrowers must live in the United States and have a case pending in an area where we offer claim loans.

Case Type

Our company funds personal injury claims, on the job accident cases, and wrongful death lawsuits.

Attorney Rep.

You must have hired a lawyer. Representation is an essential element of the settlement loan criteria.

If you meed the minimum set of requirements, put in your request for insurance settlement funds now.


Qualifying for Funding

Your credit score will not impact the decision as to whether your case meets our underwriting guidelines.

Insurance Claim Loan settlement funding underwriter stays focused on the facts of the client's case.

While traditional banks run credit checks for a loan, companies that offer insurance settlement funding to clients provides them with cash advances on proceeds they're entitled to recover from a claim not yet settled.

The current estimate value of your claim and likelihood of you winning it will play a significant role in qualifying for a pre-settlement loan and how much money you can borrow.

Borrowing Against an Insurance Settlement

If your situation is looking bleak, you should contact Insurance Claim Loan today to get approved for a loan against your insurance settlement.

Our company will do the best of offer you a pre-settlement insurance injury loan of up to 20% on the money you can potential receive from an in process bodily injury claim.

How to Borrow Insurance Lawsuit Funds Now

Contact a reputable lawsuit lender as Insurance Claim Loan now to borrow money from your insurance lawsuit. A loan underwriter speaks with the attorney handing the lawsuit to determine the amount you can borrow while it is pending. The money you receive is paid back to the lender from the payout you're expecting.


Insurance Claim Loan Reviews:

Reach out to us if you have a few questions or want to learn more about obtaining a financial lifeline.

" They are quick and on the ball with figuring out details and how much cash you can get for a loan advance on your settlement. Very responsive and friendly company to get a loan from. "

Omar H.
Slip and fall victim in Philadelphia, P.A.

July 23, 2019

I was so surprised the entire process of taking out a loan on my insurance settlement would be so easy. I'm glad I decided to apply.

Jennifer M.

June 18, 2019

It was a pleasure working with Harvey. There was a small problem which he quickly took care of. The money was in my account the next day.

Pat J.

April 2, 2019

This is my second time using them to get a pre settlement cash advance. Just like the first time, it was easy, great customer service.

Louis G.

Insurance Claims We Fund

From a car accident injury to premises liability, our firm advances pre settlement funding for many types insurance claim matters and wrongful death cases. The following claims are typical lawsuits we fund.

Auto Accident

Insurance Claim Loan give support to people injured in a car accident.

Personal Injury

Our firm provides financial support pre-settlement to victims of personal injury.

Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Our firm advances lawsuit funds to you until you win you slip and fall claim.

Semi-Truck Accident

We advance semi-truck lawsuit loans and tractor trailer accident funding.

Workers Comp Claim

Settlement loans help employees injured while on the job until they recover.

Wrongful Death

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding supports surviving family members during a claim.

Who we are

Our injury claim funding company provides financial support to lawsuit plaintiffs prior to them reaching a settlement. Before your lawyer settles your claim or recovers monetary compensation from the insurance company, you can turn us for an insurance settlement cash advance. Insurance claim cash advances are a quick and simple way to get fast cash while you are unable to return to work, help you to weather the storm until you win.

Locations where we fund

Injury claim settlement loans are available in many states throughout the U.S.

Literally, East Coast to West Coast, Down South to the Northern United States are the areas where our firm can offer to give you a settlement loan. Yes, while we are a countrywide provider of claim funding, there are some states which limit the type of funding we are able to offer or bar it all together. Check here to see if we fund insurance claim in your area.

What we offer

The financial products we offer to injured people in a lawsuit and expecting settlement are called “lawsuit loans” which are actually lawsuit cash advances. “Loan” and “loans” describe (in a much simpler fashion) the pre-settlement funding process of a “lender” or funder giving money to a person involved in an injury claim and that borrower agreeing to pay back the money advanced to them with interest or rather a fee.

Why clients use settlement loans

More and more insurance companies are aggressively defending insurance claims.

The days of insurers settling cases quickly and fairly are a thing of the past. We are now living in a time when they routinely delay paying claims. Insurers understand the tactic of low-balling claimants and dragging out the process is a win-win for them. Knowing that a lawsuit which takes a long to resolve can place a significant financial strain on the shoulders of seriously injured victims, unscrupulous insurance companies seek to take of those who are unable to work and have limited financial resources.

This is where pre-settlement loans can help injured lawsuit plaintiffs to keep their head above water.

An insurance pre-settlement loan allows you to access to a portion of the money you are entitled to receive for injuries arising out of an accident or negligence of someone else or a business. These loans are financially empowering tools many claimants use to help them continue fighting the insurance company for all the money they deserve.

If You Have Questions, We Got the Answers for You

Get answers to frequently asked questions by legal funding specialists.

We are not a bank and do not give loans, but we can offer you a cash advance on your insurance settlement money while you’re waiting for your claim to finalize.

Our business finance injured lawsuit plaintiffs by providing them with immediate cash for the case. How it works is you receive a settlement loan and the funding company will get a lien on case. The injured borrower does not have to make payments while the lawsuit is pending.

The first step in the process of getting approved for injury financing for your claim is by applying for the funds you need. The next step is having our insurance settlement loan underwriter contact your attorney to obtain some information about your claim. The facts and current estimated value of the claim will enable our underwriter to determine if we can have it approved for funding.

The current insurance pre-settlement loan interest rates or usage fee range from 2.9% and 3.5%, depending on the claim, its merits, and current value as determined by the funding underwriter.

People waiting on a money from a settlement are required to have a lawyer in order to qualify to receive funding prior or post settlement of the case. We are only permitted to give lawsuit loans to people represented by an attorney in lawsuit or insurance claim for injuries arising out of a liability by a third pary or an accident while on the job.

How long it takes you to get your injury claim loan depends on your attorney’s availability and level of cooperation in the underwriting process. We are different than most other lenders that can take days or even a week. Our firm does not take that long time. From the time we receive the necessary information from the handling attorney, our company has the capability to fund the claim in 24 - 24 hours.

Yes, we may be able to help you obtain a pre-settlement loan on the money you are entitled to receive from the workers compensation insurance company. Settlement loans are available in less than 50% of the states within the U.S. so please check our website or call us to learn if we fund workers comp claim pre-settlement in your area.

Insurance Claim Loan makes risk-free loans. If you lose the case, keep the loan and you owe nothing in return.

We can send the funds directly to you by mailing a checking overnight, depositing it into your checking account, or even wire the money through MoneyGram or Western Union.

The injury loan buyouts we provide to insurance claimants in a lawsuit allow them get a buyout of an existing loan they have previously received from another company and at the same time allowing them to get additional pre-settlement claim funding while they are waiting for their injury case to resolve with the insurance company.