Do You Need a Cash Loan Today on Your Insurance Claim?

If you have an active insurance claim in the U.S. and have retained an injury lawyer, you are eligible to apply for a cash loan now before your settlement.

No Credit Check

We do not perform a credit check. We are only concerned with your insurance claim, not your credit history or credit score. We are not a bank. The decision of whether you qualify and how much money we can advance you is based upon our evaluation of your case. No monthly payments.

No Up Front Fees

You pay nothing up front, nothing out of pocket. We're here to help you by providing accident victims with fast cash advance loans on insurance settlements. Your lawyer will pay back the insurance settlement cash advance when your case settles and the attorney gets the money from the insurance company.

24 Hour Settlement Loans

We offer 24 hours settlement loans to bodily injury insurance claimants, injured accident victims, and lawsuit plaintiffs. We provide pre settlement loans for pending or active cases as well as post settlement loans on settled cases. Right after we get your claim loan application, we will go ahead and contact your lawyer.

Why Us?

Surgery Lawsuit FundingMoney Overnight
The settlement cash is sent express overnight mail or bank wire.

Pre Settlement LoansPrivate and Confidential
At Insurance Claims Loan, we respect and honor your privacy.

Insurance Settlement Cash Advance24 Hour Settlement Loans
Fast approval insurance settlement cash advance funding!

Insurance Claim LoansNo Credit Check
We are only concerned with your case, not your credit!

Cash Advance for Car Accident SettlementZero Risk
If you lose or don't settle, you owe nothing. Keep the cash!

Pre Settlement FundingEasy Approval
98% approval for eligible first time MVA applicants.

Insurance Claims We Fund

Auto Accident Settlement Loans

Personal Injury Settlement Loans

Car Wreck Settlement Loans

Commercial Trucking Settlement Loans

Medical Malpractice Settlement Loans

Premises Liability Settlement Loans

Product Liability, Defective Product Settlement Loans

Workers Compensation Settlement Loans

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Surgery Lawsuit Funding

How it Works

What is Insurance Settlement Loans

4 Easy Steps to Settlement Funding and the cash you need with a settlement cash advance in 24 hours! At Insurance Claim Loan, the process couldn't be any easier; we are fast, friendly, and focused.

  1. You get started by filling out the application.
  2. We call your attorney to verify your claim information and to gather additional details on your case.
  3. If approved for the claim loan, we send you and your lawyer the settlement funding agreement with everything spelled out in easy to understand language and terms. You and your attorney review, sign and the funding agreement to us by fax or email.
  4. We send you the money by overnight mail or bank wire after we get back the signed funding agreement.

It's that easy. Get started now by filling out and submitting the application.

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Insurance Settlement Loans

Cash Advance on Insurance Claims.pngInsurance Claims Loan is a leading settlement loans company serving the financial needs of the legal community in the United States. We provide pre settlement funding and post settlement funding solutions to seriously injured accident victims and personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs who are represented by legal counsel. Specifically, what we do is help people with pending insurance claims and lawsuit settlements get cash before they win and collect the settlement money from their insurance claim. If you need a lawsuit cash advance on your case now, while you are waiting for your insurance settlement money, you can apply online or call us at 1-888-715-8701 to borrow up to $200,000.

Am I eligible for a settlement loan against my insurance claim?

Yes, you are eligible. You can apply right now for a loan against an insurance settlement if you have an injury attorney and expect to get money for a lawsuit settlement in the future,

How much money can I borrow from my case?

We have the experience and financial resources to advance settlement funding cash advance loans from as little as $1,000 to as much as $200,000. The amount of your loan will depend upon the type of case you have, the venue, the injury, and the insurance coverage of the defendant or tortfeasor.

What type of insurance claims are eligible for lawsuit settlement loans?

We are a full service settlement funding company providing insurance settlement cash advance on most liability claims. We specialize in car wreck settlement loans, medical malpractice settlement loans, auto accident settlement loans, slip and fall insurance settlement loans, surgery lawsuit funding, and trip and fall accident settlement loans. Remember, if you have an injury claim and an attorney, you can contact us to find out if we can offer you a risk-free cash advance on your future insurance settlement. You have nothing to lose. You pay back the advance on your settlement with a usage fee only if and when you win or settle your lawsuit or the claim is paid.

How can a pre settlement loan help me?

Auto Accident Pre Settlement Loans.pngThe management team behind Insurance Claim Loans has extensive experience in bodily injury insurance claims management, civil litigation, mass tort, and insurance claim funding. We know the insurance settlement process can be long and frustrating. The insurance company are in the business of collecting insurance premiums for policyholders and denying claims. They do their very best to delay paying accident victims fair lawsuit settlements for as long as they can.

Settlement loans were designed out of necessity. In many States, attorneys are not allowed to give settlement loans or lawsuit cash advances to their clients. Before pre settlement loan in U.S., many accident victims who were experiencing financial hardships during the long insurance settlement process had no choice but to settle their insurance case for whatever amount the insurance company was offering. The accident victim was forced to accept a low and grossly insufficient settlement offer on their claim simply because he or she was experience money problems or a financial emergency. Pre settlement funding can eliminate the financial burden and levels the playing field.

A loan against an insurance settlement is empowering. Don't settle a claim prematurely for a low settlement offer. Our settlement loan can empower a lawsuit plaintiff to reject the insurance company's low ball offer and continue fighting for the full value of what your case is worth.

Insurance settlement loans have helped saved thousands of insurance claimants and lawsuit plaintiffs from low-ball insurance settlement offers, car repossession, eviction, and bill collector calls. If you are stressing because you need money NOW and your insurance case is dragging, you can contact our settlement funding department now and speaking with a funding expert. Loans on lawsuit settlements can help you stay financially afloat and maintain your lifestyle until you get the lawsuit settlement money you deserve from your claim.

How do I get started?

To get a loan on your insurance settlement in 24 hours, simply call us at 1-888-715-8701 or fill out the application if our office is closed or you are unable to call and speak with with a settlement funding specialist now. The application is free and there's no obligation just for applying for funding on your claim.

Injury Claim Loans - Cash when you need it the most.

You are not alone. With our personal injury claim loans, you get the financial support to help need now.

Loan for Car Accident Victim

Car crash settlement loans are cash advance for car accident settlements. Auto accident claims don't settle quickly. If you need money before a car crash settlement, apply for a pre settlement lawsuit loans.

Settlement Loans for Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Medical malpractice settlement loans are loans for plaintiffs who have hurt or sustained damages because of negligence, surgical defects, medical errors, bad procedure against doctors, hospitals, surgical centers.

Trip and Fall Pre Settlement Funding

Trip and fall insurance settlement loans is a settlement funding program for accident victims who have been hurt in a premises fall down accident that was caused by the negligence of another party. Examples of trip & fall cases are: Falls due to a uneven or raised sidewalk concrete slab, pothole, cracked flooring, damages steps, objects left in an aisle at a supermarket or store, and objects falling on a customer or guest causing injuries.

Slip and Fall Settlement Loans

Slip and fall insurance settlement loans are for accident victims expecting an insurance settlement on a premises liability claims. We provide cash advance for slip and fall in the pre litigation, discovery, and pre trial stages.

Truck Accident Lawsuit Loans

Truck accident insurance settlement loans provide risk-free lawsuit cash advance funding to victims of car & truck accidents in the U.S. We fund tractor trailer claims, 18 wheeler lawsuits, & semi truck injury claims.

Post Settlement Insurance Loans

Post settlement loans are claim cash advances for lawsuit plaintiffs and injury claimants. Even after a claim has settled, it can take several months before you actually get the money from your settlement. Funding on a settled case convert your settled lawsuit into cash now. Apply for post settlement funding if you have already signed a general release and your attorney is waiting on the settlement check from the defendant or insurance company.

Cash Advance for Insurance Settlements

At Insurance Claims Loan, we understand the inequities and challenges of the insurance settlement process. We have structured our insurance settlement cash advance loans to reflect those very challenges.

Pre settlement loans are designed to get insurance claimants CASH NOW before an insurance lawsuit settlement, so they can meet their financial obligations and avoid a potential financial disaster.

We are a national lawsuit funding company providing pre settlement and post settlement loans against insurance claims. We have provided financial assistance to injured accident victims all across the U.S. Whichever State you reside or whichever State your claim is venued, we can consider you for a cash advance loan on your lawsuit. We provide pre settlement loans in almost 50 states including, Texas insurance settlement loans, New York insurance cash advance, Florida insurance settlement loans, California settlement cash advance, New Jersey settlement loans, Georgia pre settlement funding, Washington insurance settlement loans, Michigan insurance settlement cash advance, and many more. Call us to find out if we can help you, 1-888-715-8701.

Save yourself time and stress by getting the insurance settlement cash advance you need today. Apply online for faster processing or call us toll-free at 1-888-715-8701. We have friendly and experienced insurance claim cash advance funding specialists ready to assist you now.

Automobile Accident Cash Advance

Bus Accident Cash Advance

Hit and Run Accident Cash Advance

Slip and Fall Accident Cash Advance

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Cash Advance

Bus Accident Cash Advance

Wrongful Death Cash Advance

Surgery Lawsuit Funding

Do you have an injury claim and need funding for a medically necessary surgical procedure? If you doctor has recommended that you have surgery because of an injury or condition related to your pending lawsuit, Insurance Claims Loan can provide lawsuit funding to pay for your next surgery.

What is surgery lawsuit funding?

Surgery lawsuit funding is a pre settlement lawsuit funding program for accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs. This program is designed for accident victims and plaintiffs who do not have health insurance, med pay medical benefits, no fault personal injury protection, or the money to pay for the operation out of pocket.

Surgery lawsuit funding is simply a cash advance, specifically for the purposes of paying for surgery and medical treatment related to the injuries and damages in connection with a pending case.

Why the need for lawsuit funding for an operation?

Undergoing a medically necessary surgical procedure that is casually related to your accident or claim can help you recover faster from your injuries. Additionally, having surgery can also increase the value of your insurance claim, getting you a larger insurance settlement.

Car accidents, slip and fall accidents, product liability cases, and construction accident can cause serious and debilitating injuries. Serious bodily injuries often require some type of interventional treatment such as pain management injections or surgery once conservative treatment has failed to produce benefit for the injured claimant.

Being uninsured or not having coverage to pay for your medical treatment shouldn't stop you from getting the medical treatment you need and deserve. If you need to undergo an surgical procedure for injuries that you incurred in your accident, apply for surgery lawsuit funding today. We will work with your lawsuit to gather some data and set you up with an insurance settlement loan that will advance the money for your surgery to pay the cost and fees associated with your medical care.

Surgery lawsuit funding is not a bank loan or traditional form of lending. Lawsuit funding is a risk-free cash advance for accident victims and plaintiffs who are not at fault. Thousands of personal injury claimants have used our surgery lawsuit loans cash advance to pay for neck surgery, back surgery, knee surgery, shoulder surgery, and wrist surgery, and more

If you need help paying for surgery, contact our lawsuit funding department today and put in an application for surgery lawsuit funding today.

Question and Answers

Frequently asked Questions.

No, we do not give personal loans. We are not a bank. We are a settlement funding company, and what we do is provide nonrecourse cash advances against pending injury cases and lawsuits. To be eligible, the applicant must be represented by an attorney.

We offer cash advances to injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs. Our settlement funding program advances a portion of what we feel is a fair estimate of the claim to injured plaintiffs. We offer cash advances to help plaintiffs pay their bills or to pay for surgery.

We can approve most first applicants for an injury loan. If you were hurt in a Car Accident and had surgery or received several pain management injections, we can probably advance you money now. Also, If you had a fracture or broken bone, or MRI studies that should a tear or disc herniation, we can also help you. We can consider any injury claim or lawsuit for funding, as long as liability is clear and there is an objective injury and solid treatment. Apply in confidence if you had surgery, had injections, manipulation under anesthesia, sustained a fracture, or had therapy for over 3 months.

We offer injury claimants and lawsuit plaintiffs some of the lowest rates and overall best terms in the settlement funding industry. Our best rate is 2.5% for preferred and select cases. Also, we have several options to choose from.

Yes, we only work with your attorney. We do not contact the insurance company or your medical doctors. After we get your application, we will contact your attorney for some information and to gather some additional data. We do not contact the insurance company or your doctor to underwrite or review the case. The only parties we deal and interact with is you and your lawyer.

We can have the case underwritten and funded in 24 hour. However, the actual time this will takes is dependent upon the availability and cooperation of your attorney. If your attorney is cooperative and has the information on your claim, you shouldn’t have any problems getting a loan on your settlement quickly.

Yes, we do offer workers’ compensation settlement loan, where allowed. Call us to find out if your state is eligible.

We are located in New York and New Jersey, so we operate under Eastern Standard Time. However, we provide funding to injured accident victims in almost 50 states. If you call us and we are closed or no one is available to take your call, you can send us a email or message using the contact form.

You can get the money by an electronic wire to your bank or we can mail a check by express mail. If and when approved, you will have 2 options; we mail the check to you by overnight express mail OR send the money to your bank checking account.

Yes, we can consider buying out a prior funding if the claimant had surgery, sustained a fracture, or had multiple pain management injections. Also, the defendant must have sufficient liability insurance coverage. If you have already received a cash advance on your settlement, we suggest you call and speak with a legal funding expert to determine if you should apply with us. 1-888-715-8701.

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